Re-refinining – An Industry Leading Technology

The advanced hydro-treating technology allows us to re-refine used lubricants to API II/II+ base oils and relieve them from the waste status.

Our process handles 70 000 tons of used lubricants annually for an output of 50 000 tons of high quality base oils. Side products include gas oils and bitumen flux, all of them carrying a product status.

As defined in the EU waste directive, re-refining of used oils for base oil production is given priority over incineration and energy recovery. As a result of their physical characteristics, used lubricants can be rerefined indefinitely.


Re-refining saves natural resources

  • re-refinining is 350 kg / CO2 negative vs. primary production’s 700 kg / ton positive
  • ~100 % renewable raw material is rerefined
  • 0 % waste is generated
  • re-refining is three (3) times more energy efficient