Sustainability declaration

Environmental and Social responsibility & Work and Product safety

STR Tecoil Oy is first and foremost committed to managing and developing its business in a sustainable manner in areas concerning the people, society, economy and environment. Our key operating principles are to improve continuously and take responsibility in all of our operations. Our goals are set for business, environmental and work safety, personnel’s welfare and product quality. We require our suppliers and partners to comply with our policies and principles related to sustainability. We have acquired a third-party verification for our management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.)

 Environmental and Product safety responsibility

We apply a life-cycle approach and use applicable environmental technologies. We save natural resources by using waste as a raw material, as well as energy and other resources efficiently. All our products fulfil the legislation regarding their intended use, as well as the requirements set by customers. Our refining technology and process is the best available technology to treat used lubricant oil. Our high quality API Group II/II+ base oil product is REACH registered and fulfils all modern industrial and environmental standards.

Social responsibility and Work safety

In all of our operations, our first interest is to create a healthy and safe workplace for our employees. We respect human rights through equality in our operations and by developing working conditions continuously. We pursue systematically to prevent accidents and hazardous situations as well as illnesses caused by work or working conditions. We also frequently train our staff for emergencies.

 Economic responsibility

The basis for economical responsibility is profitable business and besides that we want to be a reliable employer, supplier and co-operation partner.


Environmental, safety, sustainability and continuous improvement are the key part of our management. Related responsibilities are defined at all organizational levels in the company. We require that our personnel acknowledge their responsibilities and are committed to their work. We pursue to ensure the personnel’s awareness of the requirements through orientation, communication and training. The management participates in the operations by setting targets, by regularly reviewing the success in reaching the targets, the sufficiency of resources and by carrying out regular safety audits. The key word in everything we do is the continuous improvement.

Mihail Malkov