Our policies

STR Tecoil Oy’s entire operations are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.
Certificates are issued by Inspecta Certification Oy.

Our policies

We are committed in all our activities to
– take into account the needs and views of our stakeholders
– act as a good corporate citizen complying the legislation and agreements
– continuous improvement and development.

Quality policy
STR Tecoil Oy’s quality management system has been built to ensure our products quality and the safety. We want to meet the quality requirements of our customers. We systematically develop the quality of our operations and product. Quality performance is measured by operational and financial indicators as well as by detected deviations. In all our activities, we strive to take into account and meet the expectations of our interest groups, and we also expect them to meet our own quality criteria.
Our goal is to be the leading manufacturer of Group II graded base oil in Europe.

Safety at work is the cornerstone of our business
STR Tecoil Oy’s management is based on trust at all levels of the organization. We share responsibility to all organization levels. Responsibility always involves also the authority to have an impact. STR Tecoil Oy is a safe work place that encourages self-development.
According to our safety policy, our employees comply with the rules and work safely. Our goal is zero accidents.

Environmental aspects are part of sustainable development
Environmental aspects are closely linked to our everyday operations, with a high degree of environmental friendliness and risk minimization. We strive to anticipate changes in the environmental standards and values, and to influence their forming by developing our methods and technologies more environmentally friendly. The state of the environment is ensured by the continuous monitoring and development of plant functions, and we are rapidly focusing on possible disadvantages.

We review our policies every year to make sure it takes us in the right direction towards our goal as a leader in our industry.