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Sertifiointimerkki 9001_14001_18001

STR Tecoil is an oil rerefining company. Our refining and hydroprocessing technology is the best available solution to handle used lubricant oils. Incineration and energy recovery are categorically subordinate to rerefining according to EU waste legislation and waste hierarchy.

Our high quality API Group II/II+ base oils fulfil not only all modern industrial and environmental standards, but are also REACH registered and used widely in the lubricating oil industry. The by-products are valued components in the bitumen/asphalt, marine oil and power generation industries.

Our client-driven production platform and our professional team allow us to produce highest quality products for our clients. Our Hamina, Finland, plant is ideally located with direct deep-water shipping access offering our clients cost-effective feedstock supply and distribution channels.

Our rerefining technology and process are proven to fulfil tightening EU regulations.